Real Estate Market Update March 18, 2024

The Latest National Trends in Housing

New Listings


Month-Over-Month Change
⬆️ 15%


While inventory is still low, more people are selling their houses. If you’re looking to buy, this gives you more options for your search.


Home Prices


Month-Over-Month Change
⬆️ 1.5%


But even with that growth, there aren’t enough homes to go around. And that keeps upward pressure on home prices.


Time on Market


Month-Over-Month Change
⬇️ 8 Days


Since supply is too low for the number of buyers out there, houses are selling fast and getting multiple offers.


There are more buyers than there are homes available, so each home that comes on the market becomes more of a hot commodity than it might if there were more options to choose from.


What This Means for You


For Buyers
You may have more options, but you’ll still want to move fast and come in with a strong offer.


For Sellers
Your house should still stand out and may get multiple offers, if you price it right.


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