Real Estate Market Update June 26, 2024

The Downsides of Selling Your House Without an Agent

Lack of Market Expertise

Without the hands-on experience and in-depth understanding of market trends an agent brings to the table, you’ll have to operate with blind spots.


Over or Underpricing Your House

Without an agent’s pricing expertise, you may set the asking price too high or too low. This can make it harder to sell or leave money on the table.


Missing the Mark on Staging or Repairs

You won’t have an agent’s advice on what you’ll want to tackle before listing or how to make the house more appealing to buyers.


Limited Marketing Tools

Agents have professional websites, access to the MLS, and social followers. If you sell by yourself, you can’t tap into this wide pool of eager buyers.


Mistakes on Legally Binding Contracts

You’ll need to tackle all the paperwork and familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations. A misstep can have legal implications or cause delays.


Juggling All the Negotiations
Are you confident you can handle any pushback from the buyer’s agent, attorney, appraiser, and more? Agents are trained on how to negotiate with everyone involved.


More Difficult To Be Objective

You’re emotionally attached to your house, and you want to net as much as you can on the sale. That can make it hard to be objective without an agent’s advice.


Don’t take all of this responsibility on. Instead, let’s connect so you have someone with the knowledge and experience you’ll need on your side.


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